Who We Are

We Provide Home To Native Cows That Are Becoming Extinct!

Anudinam Goshala, a part of Anudinam Kainkarya Foundation, protects and safeguards Indian native breed cows that are becoming extinct along with aged and non-yielding native cows that otherwise would be sent to slaughter houses.

Cows are given sublime status in Sanatana Dharma. Every thing about a cow is holy and auspicious.

The most civilised land Bharath, started loosing its virtues during colonisation and got deceived in many ways. The land which had been respecting and worshiping cows as a time immemorial practice had to forcefully bear the slaughtering of the cows during colonisation, due to vested interest and long term plan to turn India into a desert. Due to the improper government policies in the late 1970s, greed of individuals and misplaced interest, we as a country started loosing one of our most valuable asset – “The Native Cows”, and now we have come to a point where many of our native breed cows have become extinct and just handful are only left.

Originally, there were over 120 breeds were native to India for several centuries. Unfortunately,  this number has reduced drastically to only about 28 today. Of this, only five types of native breeds exists in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The typical characteristics of native breed cows include a hump on the back, horns, loosely falling skin under the neck, low maintenance costs and very high levels of immunity. These have high utility in agriculture, dairy farming and transportation. Cow dung and urine form the key components of a cow-based economy followed by bullock energy and finally milk yield. However, wrong policies have given milk yield the highest priority at the cost of giving up on our native breeds and promoting cross-breed cows which produce high quantities of milk which is not necessarily healthy.  The milk produced by native breed cows is the most healthy (type A2) for human consumption as compared to that of exotic and crossbreed cows – mostly type A1 which is the cause of a number of major diseases including diabetes.

Further, it is the cowdung and urine of native breed cows that is suitable for use in agriculture. Panchagavya prepared from Indian breed cows only have high medicinal value. However, this breed is becoming extinct at a fast pace.

In the western world , the main reason for cross breeding a cow with other animals is for consumption of beef. In India, these cross-breeds have very low levels of immunity and are unsuitable for farming and transportation. The cost of maintaining these is also much higher than the native breeds. Their only job is to produce high quantities of milk (unfortunately unhealthy milk). Due to these reasons,  bull calves are often sold to slaughter houses immediately, as they have very little utility, low immunity and involve high maintenance costs.

While Goseva was an essential part of our lifestyle in earlier days, urbanisation has made it impossible to perform this sacred duty. In the era of high rise buildings, high density of population, nuclear families and highly materialistic ambitions, one cant imagine having a cow in ones house. It is not only impractical but also not of any interest anymore. In fact, the future generations may not only become unaware of this duty but also be subject to adverse health effects for not preserving our native breed cows. There is an urgent need to establish Goshalas that protect our native breed cows in a proper hygienic environment as mandated in the shashtras. Unfortunately, majority (over 95 %) of the numerous cow farms and goshalas that are operating in our country  have only cross-breed and exotic breed (Jersy, HF) cows, simply as they are more milk yielding. But, only a handful of Goshalas have native breed cows.

Most importantly, as stated in the sashtras and puranas, Go Samrakshanam is about protecting Indian native breed cows and saving them from extinction. Its our responsibility. At Anudinam Goshala, we follow this base principle to contribute for the welfare of the society in the best possible way – ‘By protecting native breed cows’ !