What We Do

At Anudinam Goshala we on a mission to protect native cows

Why To Protect Cows?

Cow protection is part of our dharma and social responsibility!

Why Native Breed Cows?

Protecting native breed cows is the need of the hour as its quickly becoming extinct!

Our Mission

To create awarness & to protect native cows

Charity for Cows

Anudinam Kainkarya foundation which runs the goshala is a non-profit organization that protects native breed cows of India

Importance of Native Cows

Our aim is also to create awareness and significance of Indian cows compared to cross-breed cows.

Feed the cows

You could feed the cows of our goshala, by choosing your contribution option from donate section

Become a volunteer

If you wish to be a part of this most important cause, contact us to become a volunteer

Home for Abandoned Cows

Anudinam goshala is also home for many abandoned, ill and non-yielding cows.

Adopt A Cow

Many cows need your attention! You could adopt a cow from our goshala to support its monthly maintenance costs!

Ready to become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer and participate in goshala activities contact us!

Save Native Breed Cows From Becoming Extinct

Protect Native Cows! Uphold Your Dharma!

दानानामपि सर्वेषां गवां दानं प्रशस्यते । गावः श्रेष्ठाः पवित्राश्च पावनं ह्येतदुत्तमम्

(Mahabharata, Anushasana Parva 83-3)

Donation of cows is superior to all others. Cows are supreme and sacred.

Lets be part of this revolution to protect and save native breed cows

Total Cows Protected

Total Area In Acers

Donation Needed in Rs Per Cow per month

 Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah!

Protect Cows! Uphold Dharma! It will protect You!