Feed Cows on This Makara Sankranti & Utharayana PunyaKaala – January 14th 2022

Raised: Rs.46,616.00
Goal: Rs.200,000.00

Thanks for your continuous support to Anudinam Goshala, where we are currently protecting and safeguarding 60+ aged and non-yielding native cows that otherwise would have been sent to slaughter houses.

This month, Makara Sankranti falls on January 14th (Friday) followed by  Maattu Pongal (A Festival especially celebrated for cows & bulls) on January 15th(Saturday).

Please submit your details by using the form in this link or by submitting the details in the form below:

We are performing Gopooja and special feeding to cows in our goshala for this Makara Sankranti & Mattu Pongal. Performing a Gopooja on Makara sankranti is considered auspicious and brings enormous progress in our material and spiritual endeavors. During these punyakaala period our scriptures has suggested us to do Snanam, Japam, Tarpanam and Dhaanam.

Performing a dhanam to feed the cows during the utharayana Punyakaala period will please many Devataas as well as relieves from all dosha. Among the rituals and practices during Makara Sankranti, feeding cows is also a part of it, for the welfare of the entire family and generations to come. You may send us your name, birth star and gothram details to us to do sankalpam during gopooja, you could also include your family member details if you wish to. Details can be mailed to: mail@anudinamgoshala.org

Each cow will be fed with the following: – 10 Bunches of grass (Arungam pul & C04 Napier grass) – 2 Bunches of Spinach (Agathi keerai) – 10 Kgs of straw – 2 Kgs of Peanut oil cake (Kadalai Punnakku), corn flour (Chola Maavu) and Paddy Bran (Arisi Thavudu) & Jaggery.

Please use the Donate button to proceed with online fund transfer, if you wish to donate offline via direct bank transfer please use the bank details below:

Account name: Anudinam Kainkarya Foundation
Account number: 602305029305
Account type: Current Account
Bank: ICICI Bank
Branch: West Mambalam, Chennai
IFSC: ICIC0006023