A typical day in our goshala starts with cleaning, followed by feeding the calves from their respective mother. Once the calves are sufficiently feed, the remaining milk are given to nearby temples and orphanages.

Simultaneously, each cow is fed with 10 Bunches of grass (Arungam pul & C04 Napier grass), 2 Bunches of Spinach (Agathi keerai), 10 Kgs of straw, 2 Kgs of Peanut oil cake (Kadalai Punnakku), corn flour (Chola Maavu) and Paddy Bran (Arisi Thavudu) in the ratio of 1:1:2 and natural mineral mixtures, during the course of the day.

The Cows are also taken to nearby grazing lands during the day and after coming back, they are given a refreshing bath.

Cows are extremely sensible to love and affection shown towards them and they reciprocate it as well. We take upmost care to treat each of the cow in our Goshala as our family member.

Goshala also has an exclusive 5000 sq feet shelter with many electric fans, where the cows are protected against scorching sun or during rainfall.

We have teamed up with nearby veterinary doctors, who visits the cows on a weekly basis for general checkup and performs a through checkup. Normally the cows and calves are provided de-worming on a monthly basis to keep them healthy.

Overall, the goshala provides an hygenic, healthy and lovable environment for its residents – The native cows!